Marc Yang

(b. 1993, Wuhan, China) Marc is perennial in the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Visit over 30 countries and regions.
Marc has always been concerned about international issues, including ethnic issues in the Middle East such as the Kurds, the environmental problems of the Indian rivers, and the regional problems of the Mekong River, a river in Southeast Asia.

Main Exhibitions

“Kurds”—2018 Yuan Museum i Art Youth Project|Chongqing,China
“Kurds”—2018 Obscura Festival of Photography|Penang,Malaysia
“Kurds” —2018 Ginkgo Art Fund Welfare Exhibition|Beijing,China
“Eastern Time Zone”-- SAC Gallery— Solo Exhibition|Bangkok,Thailand
“Eastern Time Zone”--Serbia National Museum-Solo Exhibition|Kragujevac,Serbia
2018 DAMYANG International Photography Exchange Exhibition|Kwangju,South Korea
2018 DOK Photo Festival – Group Exhibition|Oslo,Norway

“Eastern Time Zone”--The 7th Dali International Photo Festival—Solo Exhibition|Dali,China
“Eastern Time Zone”-Huanggang City Museum-Solo Exhibition | Huanggang,China
“Mekong River”--2017 China South Asia Southeast Asia International Photo Festival-Group Exhibition | Kunming,China

“Mekong River”-- Xishuangbanna International Photo Festival—Solo Exhibition | Xishuangbanna,China
Beijing International Photo Week-Group Exhibition | Beijing,China

403 International Art Center—Solo Exhibition | Wuhan,China

Main Awards

Finalist of 2018 Pulitzer Miel Fellowship|Washington,USA
2018 Sony Young Photographer Development Award Winner|Beijing,China

Top20 2017 Chinese Cutting Edge Contemporary Photography Award Winner|Hangzhou,China
United States International Photographer Union Chairman Award Winner|New York,USA
Nomination Of New Artist Winner In The 7th Dali International Photo Festival|Dali,China

Young Photographer Grand Award Winner In Xishuangbanna International Photo Festival | Xishuangbanna,China

Best Young Chinese Magnum Photographer Award Winner | Shanghai,China
Top Ten Black and White Photographer Winner Organized By Mepai | China