Wuhan announced lockdown the whole city due to Corona-Virus on 23th January. After 76days Wuhan announced end lockdown the city on 8th April. According to news data, as of 8th April, a total of 50006 cases have been confirmed in Wuhan with 2526 deaths. In the 76-day battle of the closure of the city in Wuhan, every family live their days of self-isolation. After constant bombing attacks by official news and trail news, people began to experience huge mental pressure, not only the pandemic itself It caused huge harm to the patient's body, and the mental unrest prevented more people from living a normal life. At the beginning of the pandemic, people were caught in panic and restlessness, weakened, but the fear buried deep in people’s heart could not be dissipated for a long time.

From the day of the lockdown of the city, the citizens actually started a life of exile, but this was inside exile. This kind of exile is even stronger for those who have relatives out before the lockdown of the city. They have lost the freedom to reunite with their loved ones. Under the hood of pestilence, all those who stayed in the city had only collective encounters, and their personal destiny no longer existed.

The common doom is so powerful that personal love, miss, and pain have become insignificant, and people are forced to act as if they had no personal emotions.

Over time, all personalities lose their language, and people no longer have their own memories and hopes, but only live in the current reality. For example, those who parted from their loved ones began to treat their situation with the attitude towards the pandemic statistics. The pain of parting has been resolved in public misfortune.

People are used to despair is the most terrible, the situation used to despair is greater misfortune than the desperate situation itself. However, as long as we are in a scourge, we may not find a way out of this misfortune. The fight against any common scourge has the nature of war, and sacrifice of personality is the price it has to pay.

I began to record people since 25th March. During this period, I can still realize that people's fear of the corona virus has not been reduced, the death of relatives and friends, and the body tortured by the disease has been constantly repeated. The crushing and shaping of the spiritual world has happened so fast that people may not see it again before they say goodbye. Although Wuhan and even the whole of China have improved, the worldwide outbreak of the pandemic is even more frightening. Masks are the most commonly used protective items that are mentioned and used during the pandemic. The way people greet each other has changed. The living environment and living habits have changed. In all changes, we have seen the fragility of life, and also seen the connection and help between life.

In the millennium of human civilization, we have experienced several terrible and unwilling terrible pandemic, the pandemic is a disaster for us and also a long-lasting alarm to warn us Rules that should have been remembered not forgotten.